Natural First Permeable Nail Polish!

Natural First, Water Permeable nail polish allows water vapors to pass through to the nail, allowing devout Muslims to complete daily prayers without having to remove the polish. Follow this steps to test the permeable quality. :)

Instruction for long lasting quality.

Natural First Water-Based Nail Polish is a safer option for you and our environment. The application is a bit different than conventional nail polish. Following these steps will ensure beautiful and long lasting nails. 

No more stinky nail polish remover!

Hate the stinky fumes of Acetone remover? Try out Natural First Paint & Peel Non-Toxic Nail Polish and you will never need remover again. Start healthier, fresher manicures today.

Natural First Water-Based, Odorless Nail Poish.

Beauty and bad smells don't need to come in the same bottle! Natural First water-based nail polish will make your manicure more fresh and free from toxic fumes because it is made from only eco-friendly, odorless, non-toxic ingredients safe even for children and pregnant women. It dries fast and is easy to apply with custom high-quality flat/wide brushes for optimum control. The handmade Thai coconut wood tops are each unique with a personality of their own. You can say goodbye to your stinky nail polish remover too because with Natural First polish you don't need remover, just 3 minutes in warm water, then peel from the corner.  15ml. color bottles 185 baht ($6) each and 15ml. top coat bottles 150 baht ($5) each plus shipping cost.  To order, email: first_no_1@hotmail.com  If you can't find a color that suits your fancy on this website simply email me with an example and I will make a special color polish just for you! 

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